£10.30 tickets to 'Foreplay' at the King's Head Theatre

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  • Fancy watching a bit of 'Foreplay' at the King's Head...? The play, that is - you dirty birdies!
  • Still not tempted? Try: 'a haunting psycho-sexual mystery of lies, betrayal and revenge' written by the scientist credited with advancing the oral contraceptive pill.
  • Knew that'd get the juices flowing, along with the price - just £10.30 a ticket.

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Difficult though it is to resist, we’re leaving jokes about foreplay and the king’s head out of this summary, in favour of the truth about this fantastically compelling play. Written by 90-year-old scientist-turned-playwright Carl Djerassi, who’s best known for research that led to the development of the Contraceptive Pill, the story centres on the contents of writer Walter Benjamin's lost briefcase as he attempted to flee Nazi-occupied France.

In seeking to prove his controversial theory about what the famous briefcase contained, PHD student Felicitas arranges a dinner party comprised of Benjamin’s friends and lovers. It’s here that the shocking accusations of lies, jealousies and sexual predispositions they have kept hidden from public come out in a flourish that is sure to keep any audience gripped for the duration of the play.

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