Up to 53% off Valentine's Day flower delivery with Debenhams Flowers

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Offer highlights:

  • Appear to make a grand romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day with Time Out Offers and Debenhams Flowers.
  • Send your Valentine a Muse Bouquet or Love Bouquet, straight to the home or office, and save a knee-weakening 50-plus percent.
  • Score major points. Save major cash. Who said romance couldn’t also be fiscally responsible?

More details:

Valentine’s Day, 2013. Your sweetie’s at the office frowning at last quarter’s sales figures. A call comes in from reception. ‘There’s a package for you’.

For a fleeting moment she imagines a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting downstairs, but after years of disappointment performs the habitual, almost automatic lowering of expectations she’s come to call ‘life’. Surely the man who less than two months ago got her a stapler for Christmas wouldn’t spring on anything so romantic, so costly as flowers. Probably those documents from corporate, she thinks, as the lift door closes.

Your sweetie gets downstairs, and there it is: a mix of beautifully scented red oriental lilies, romantic red roses, green chrysanthemums and retro carnations, also known as Debenhams Flowers’ Muse Bouquet – or, if you’ve opted to save an extra five quid, the Love Bouquet, a beautiful mix of delicate purple statice, scented lily and deep red rose with textured carnations. All of a sudden, things are looking up – and you’ve saved more than £20.

Ed’s note: Also ideal for people looking to pull a Cher from ‘Clueless’ (i.e. send themselves a bouquet in order to pique the interest of a boy who turns out to be gay.)

Need to know:

  • This voucher is for delivery of a Love Bouquet or Muse Bouquet, valid until Feb 13, 2013.
  • Bouquet must be ordered by Wed Feb 13 at the latest.
  • Online booking required. To book a Love Bouquet, please visit http://www.debenhamsflowers.com/flowers/flowers-by-occasion/romance-flowers/love and enter all the necessary information, including your Time Out voucher and security codes.
  • To book a Muse Bouquet, please visit http://www.debenhamsflowers.com/flowers/flowers-by-occasion/romance-flowers/muse and enter all the necessary information, including your Time Out voucher and security codes.
  • Please note: a P&P fee of £4.99 is payable on the Debenhams Flowers website.
  • This voucher cannot be cancelled, exchanged, refunded or used in conjunction with any other offer.

Additional details: